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What you should know about hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing is a vital service that all homeowners make use of if they have hardwood flooring in place. At some point, decades after installation, you’re sure to see some forms of wear showing through. This is when the service becomes necessary.

The refinishing process strips away any abuse or wear that is visible and reveals a brand-new layer of wood to work with. Many homeowners even take this opportunity to change stain color and final finish options to match a new décor or to create a different visual. Let’s find out more about the process that will make your floors look like new again.

Sanding floors is part of the process

You’ll know it’s time to refinish your floors when wear and tear are visible when there’s been some type of damage that’s happened to your hardwood, or if you’re looking for something a little different than what you currently have in place. No matter what your reason for the project, sanding floors is always a part of the procedure. We’ll discuss all your sanding options and the many ways you can help make it a safe and straight forward process.

Once the sanding is finished, we can proceed to the staining stage. At this time, you can opt for the same appearance you had before the service started, or you can choose a brand new color. Some homeowners change their finish type as well.
Hardwood Refinishing in Elkridge, MD area from Andonian's Carpet Warehouse
Finish types have a lot of bearing on the finished appearance of your floors, but that’s not all. They can also work double duty to protect against future wear and tear as well, especially if you choose vintage, distressed, hand-scraped, or wire brushed. These all work to hide scratches, scuffs, and stains that might otherwise lead to an early refinishing. For more information on how to know if you’re ready to refinish your floors, just stop by our showroom for all the information you need.

We’ll help with your hardwood floor refinishing

When you’re ready to refinish your floors, you can visit Andonian's Carpet Warehouse at our Elkridge, Maryland showroom to as about our cost to refinish hardwood floors. We’ll give you all the necessary information and help get your project started right away. We proudly serve the areas of Washington, DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, Montgomery County, and Howard County, MD, and we’d love the opportunity to help with your hardwood floor refinishing as well.